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Text Box: Digital X-Ray System: A digital X-ray (radiography) system shoots a picture of your teeth, then almost immediately displays it on a computer monitor. You no longer have to sit and wait for X-ray film to develop. Because the Digital X-ray system is more sensitive than X-ray film systems, your exposure to X-rays is cut 75% percent or more.

Digital Panoramic Cephalometric X-Ray: Dental Digital Panoramic X-ray has followed along, with more precision and lower radiation. A panoramic x-ray will take a picture of all of your teeth in one shot. A cephalometric x-ray takes a profile picture of your skull and jaw structure. 

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Gordon's nurse Maire wearing an RA maskPhoto of a mask used for administering nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide (N2O) Sedation (Laughing Gas): Nitrous oxide (N2O) is simply a gas which you can breathe in. It has no color, smell, and doesn't irritate. it kills pain - and it induces a pleasureable feeling. After 5 minutes or so of breathing in the gas, you should feel a euphoric feeling spread throughout your body. It really kind of feels like a 'happy drunk' feeling. Some people find that there are auditory or visual effects as well.